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  • 如果你用sympy写了任何有意思的东西,请发给我们代码(参考以下获得更多信息).
  • 如果你发现一个bug(或者仅仅是想让我们知道您的想法),在邮件列表上告诉我们. You can also add a bug report (or a comment) into the issues.
  • 你可以发表你如何使用SymPy的博文.
  • 你可以帮助我们写文档(或者仅仅发给我们一个补丁).
  • 你可以在邮件列表上帮助他人.
  • 你可以帮助检查补丁.
  • 你可以提供bug修复和新特性的补丁.



最好的方法是向sympy/sympy仓库提交一个github的pull request

If you need help with git, github, pull requests, patches, coding, SymPy or anything related, just send us an email to the mailinglist or ask on Gitter, we'll be happy to help. 你也可以在 如何准备补丁阅读使用git和github的指南,

The github pull request is a preferred method, as that makes it easy for us to review and push the code in. That said, you can also clone the latest git repository (see the link on the right), prepare a branch with your code, upload it somewhere (for example github) and send us a link to the sympy mailinglist, or you can even send us raw patches --- but it will be more work for us to integrate it.

SymPy has a broad development team, send us a patch and your name will appear there too.